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Our Sponsors

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Special Thanks

Chris Schaefer, Schaefer Financial

Jon Kaplan Legacy Fund

Summerhill Babysitting Club

Spiros Liarakos, Duke of York Pub

Railpath Centre for the Arts

The Attic Studio

Sidekick Cafe

Randolph College for the Performing Arts

Alison Dickson

Koldin Collie

Brendan & Diana Salmon

Wendy Strub & Peter Chandler

Fran & Al Nickel

Anne Taylor


Beau & Joe Tedesco

Cathy McNelly

Charles Roy

Danusia & Ronnie Hoy

Deborah Salmon

Joanne Atkins

Joanne Philp

Jordan & Ashley Strub

Liam McKinnon

Margaret Salmon

Michelle & Mike Chandler

Sarah Strub & Nick Tensen

The Brubacher Ashforth Family


Charitable Partner

We donated 10% of the proceeds from our production of Romeo and Juliet to The Center For Indigenous Theatre. 

Sunbeam Theatre Co. strives to give back to our community with everything we do, and we are grateful to partner with an organization fostering the creation and platforming of young indigenous artists. 

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