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Hello! We're Excited You're Here!

This is where you can find all the details about Sunbeam Theatre Company.

Mission Statement 

Sunbeam Theatre Co. was created to support emerging artists by creating opportunities for professional credits. 

Sunbeam Theatre Co. aims to produce shows that allow emerging artists a chance to show off their skills and add credits to their resume, while helping new directors, producers, technicians, writers, and more build connections and establish professional working relationships. 

Not-For-Profit Business Model

Sunbeam Theatre Company is a not-for-profit theatre organization dedicated to producing accessible theatre experiences for our community. We rely on ticket sales, donations, grants, and sponsorships to cover our expenses, which include production costs, facility rental fees, and marketing expenses. We offer discounted tickets for students and accessibility services for patrons with special needs. We provide educational programs for students and aspiring theatre professionals, and volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping with our shows and events. Our board of directors oversees our operations and ensures we remain focused on our mission. Thank you for supporting Sunbeam Theatre Company! 

Audition/Hiring Process 

Our audition process has several steps to select talented and dedicated actors for our productions. We announce auditions on our website and social media, including details such as the production and audition requirements.

Actors and creatives prepare material as requested and present to our casting team in initial auditions. Some individuals may be called back for additional material, group work, or script readings.

Our casting team then selects the best-suited actors for each role.

We aim to produce high-quality theatre experiences for our community through this process.

Proceed Share Model

We work to keep expenses as low as possible by encouraging creative storytelling in our productions.

When expenses are low, and income is steady or high, proceeds are easier to achieve. It comes down to how to create and maintain a minimal budget. 

In order for this model to work effectively our board of directors must have agreement from all stakeholders before the producer will sign off. All performers and participants are part of the decision-making process as they have a vested interest in how money is spent. Our creative team, administrators, and cast members are all hired on as independent contractors, and will be compensated via the Sunbeam Theatre Co. proceed share model.

Finally, we share our budget, spending, forecasts, and actual spending with every cast and crew member. Each stakeholder is guaranteed access to the final finance records within 30 days after the performance. They can look at this financial documentation without having to ask, and can query anything and all expenditures.

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