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Shakespeare shouldn't be scary, or foreign. Our packages are built for varying age groups and interests to promote comprehension, understanding, and to facilitate conversations around the Bard of Avon and his works.  

Meet The Bard:
An Introduction to Shakespeare

English or Drama, Grades 7-9

An introduction to Shakespeare - Who was he?  Do we really know? Why do we read this in school? 

In this workshop, students will be introduced to Shakespeare the man, the myth, and the playwright. It covers Iambic Pentameter, cultural references to Shakespeare, and the first steps to de-mystifying Elizabethan English.

Words Words Words: 
Breaking Down Shakespeare's Language

English, Grades 9-12

Are you sure this is English? - Shakespeare's words were written for actors 400 years ago, so why are we trying to read it like any other text?

Students learn about how Shakespeare's actors memorized the text, how to identify verse and prose, and address common words and phrases attributed to Shakespeare. They also practically apply this new knowledge by breaking down a section of text. 

Holding Up The Mirror:
Shakespeare for Modern Audiences

Drama, Grades 11 & 12

Why are we still presenting shows written by an upper-middle-class white guy 400 years ago? A fantastic question that has many answers, most of which lead to more questions, and conversations are ongoing. 

In this workshop, students have a facilitated discussion about Shakespeare, his works, their problems, and how we work with them - or if we should at all?  They also are presented with contemporary adaptations and companions.

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